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About Me


My name is Kelly Snyder.  I am 30 years old and live in Pennsylvania.  I am happily married to my husband Ryan of five years.  We have two beautiful children.  Our son Derek is four years old and our daughter Laney is ten months old.  I am currently a stay at home mom while completing my masters program.  On my spare time I teach spinning and gym jamboree at my local YMCA.  I enjoy swimming, exercising, sports and hanging out with my family.  I am hoping to become an online professor once I complete my masters program.  That will allow me to stay at home with my kids until they go to school.  I love being at home with them and would not trade it for anything.


Kelly L. Snyder

555 Dawgwood Ln.

Zupancic, PA 15555

(555) 555-5555 Home

(555) 555-5555 Cell    

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