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Educational Philosophy


Education is a value. I learn with and from my students. That's what makes teaching exciting for me. It is an ongoing process of learning. I do not consider myself the sole provider of information. I integrate technology into my classrooms; this keeps them interested in the lesson. I teach my students how to use information as a means and not an end. They learn to solve both social and personal problems with facts. This will help them deal with the “real world” when they finish school.  

I believe that the most intrusive and prosperous learning experiences come from coefficient discovery and impugn subject matter. I see students as competent of much more than routine memorization and repetition. I see the role of the teacher as guide, not god. I believe that if we treat the school as a community (and follow through on that statement) we will create lifetime learners, cooperative workers, adequate teachers, and critical thinkers willing to accomodate to a changing world for the betterment of the larger community.

I think it is very important for learners to express themselves to others in order to grow and develop. I use many aiding and appealing words to help my students as they struggle to open up and express their views. It is not easy for them to organize and share their ideas and feelings with their classmates. I believe in discussions. I think they help develop better understanding on how to cope with difficulties and discomfort. I believe each of us has many selves that we need to learn about so we can utilize each to help us solve problems and cope with the day-to-day living. A teacher's caring and nurturing attitude will aid students as they learn to respect and tolerate each other.